Our Mission

Our Mission

Discipling Marketplace Leaders educates, equips, and empowers the local church to establish a ministry that disciples every believer to live out work as worship and mission.

DML Legacy Giving

DML welcomes legacy giving by donors.  Legacy giving, also known as “planned giving,” is able to cement the legacy of a donor, provide tax breaks, and allow the donor more control over use of donation. ...

Ministry Partners

Colleges/Seminaries Pastors/Leaders Countries Bible Colleges/Seminaries DML offers three courses at a certificate, diploma, BA or MA level for Bible Colleges and Seminaries. These courses are as follows: 1. Church-based Business as Mission: Course Description: The...


Country & Partner Overview:  Where DML is Working West Africa: Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria; Central Africa:  Cameroon, Burundi; East Africa: Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania The Church in Africa The Africa of today...

“My Vocation is Love.”

These were the words I recently heard from someone quoting Saint Theresa. Being a bit of a cynic, I ever-so-slightly rolled my eyes and groaned... Read More "“My Vocation is Love.”"

The Importance of Travel

This week I leave for Cameroon, Sierra Leone, and South Africa and I wish to ask for your prayers. In Cameroon, I will join the... Read More "The Importance of Travel"

Lessons in holistic worship from a Hindu

Last week the DML Global team had our monthly book club meeting. We are currently reading a book called Whole Life Discipleship.  (How cool is it... Read More "Lessons in holistic worship from a Hindu"

Frequent mistake: Seeking meaning FROM work.

This week I heard the quote, "I made the mistake of trying to derive meaning FROM my work, instead of bringing meaning TO my work. ... Read More "Frequent mistake: Seeking meaning FROM work."